Your Step By Step Rank And Rent Process

Have you ever asked yourself how to start ranking and renting websites? Fear not, for I shall enlighten your way into this new world with a step by step guide! And click here for more info and an even more in-depth explanation from Herc Magnus, owner and creator of RankAndRent.Club. rank and rent logo

1 – First things first
The first big decision is to find out what your site is going to be about in order to draw interest from business owners. You gotta think carefully, do some research first and figure if the chosen niche is gonna earn you what you actually want. RankAndRent.Club teaches that what helps is to narrow down an industry and a city where your focus will remain and work from there. Now you have to find a domain name that is both easy to remember and sounds nice. It’s not that hard, but it’s not always easy. Again, think carefully.

2 – Where to host your site
Having a good Content Management System is essential. You need to make sure your content is being displayed as it should. For that, there’s a consensus around WordPress. Herc Magnus likes it because it really works and it’s easy, friendly to work for beginners. For advanced users it is like magic.

3 – The competition
ahrefsThere will be competition, and you should know who your competitors are. Ahrefs will surely help you with such task by showing you who already dominates the SEO sphere you’re getting in. Paying attention to backlinks is recommended, as you might in the future (or now) want to get traffic from the same sites. In addition, you might want to check what kind of content is getting lots of views, for this will help you learn how you can get views too, and Surfer SEO might help you with that.

4 – On the content
Now that your site exists, you have to fill it with content – and of good quality. Each post you write should inform in a dense way about something inside the niche you chose. You don’t want content that simply says “I wanna rent this site!”. The content needs to be legit and well written, showing you know what you’re dealing with. All of this will help you get leads. Also, using the right keywords is crucial. Ahrefs comes in handy again, and with that tool in hands, RankAndRent.Club suggests you should look for the keywords that won’t get you much competition but also make your site visible.

Creating good content is basics, and beyond that you need aggressive SEO. One way of doing that is through citations. When you have good citations you become easier to find. Also, again, backlinks: these are very important and you want them, so just start building a network and get backlinks.

5 – Google My BusinessGoogle My Business
Showing up in Google maps helps with getting more leads as your site will get more views. If you want that – and believe me, it is crucial – you have to learn what GMB is and get verified by Google, which RankAndRent.Club will help you with.

6 – Rent your site
Now that you followed all the steps above, your site is probably already well ranked and you can call potential clients. When doing that, have all your info ready – you don’t wanna waste your time or your client’s. Be kind and explain all the details. If you get turned down, don’t panic – you can always find new potential clients.

Avoid Frequent Breakdowns And Maintenance With Best Laser Printer Brands

When you have a printer that keeps breaking down or requiring maintenance, it can be extremely frustrating. We asked Printer Repair Surrey what their thoughts are on the best laser printers that require the least amount of maintenance. First, they told us a little bit about how printers have evolved, and then they got into the details of which printer companies in Surrey should purchase.

Printer repair Surrey explains how laser printers have evolved a lot since they first appeared on the market nearly four decades ago. The first generation printers could only output black text and graphics at 300 DPI (dots per inch) and could not reproduce halftone (grayscale) images properly. Although Xerox Corporation manufactured the first laser printer, it was more of a mainframe machine, and was not suitable for desktop work. The credit for the first desktop model goes to Hewlett Packard who introduced the first desktop laser printer in 1984 incorporating laser printer technology developed by Canon.

Many companies nowadays manufacture multifunctional laser printers that perform other tasks such as scanning and photocopying. These printers contain four cartridges, allowing users to print both monochrome and colored text and images. They offer a high resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI. They are network (Ethernet cable or WiFi) and internet enabled. The former feature allows the user to connect multiple computers to a single printer and the latter feature permits remote printing too. These models boast of DADF (duplex automatic document feeder) technology that allows users to scan and print double sided documents in a single pass. Their high buffer memory allows them to queue incoming print requests from several computers and print them sequentially. The build of a printer determines its MTBF (mean time between failures).

Here are some of the printers that Printer Repair Surrey claims provide consistent print quality and perform flawlessly for a long time.

HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf MFPhp-laserjet-pro-m1212nf-mfp

Although this multitasking model was first unveiled in 2011, it still reigns supreme because of its compact design, decent print speed, and sub $200 price, making it ideal for use in homes and small offices. Installing and configuring it is a breeze. Opt for the `smart install’ option, which prints out a configuration report containing details of the printer along with its IP address. It contains both Ethernet and USB connection ports. The cons, if any, are lack of WiFi networking, color printing, and autoduplexing.

Dell 1355cnwdell-1355cnw

This multipurpose color printer can churn out 30,000 pages per month without complaining, making it ideal for small and medium offices. It boasts of a high-resolution scanner, a 4-line monochrome liquid crystal display along with an array of 34 control buttons. This printer communicates with computers via USB, Ethernet, and WiFi. Unlike other printers of the same class, this one boasts of a square base instead of a rectangular one. Its printing speed is slower when compared to other printers in the same price range.

Samsung CLX 419 fwSamsung CLX 419 fw

If price is no concern and you want the best multipurpose color laser printer, look no further than Samsung CLX 419 fw. It has excellent wireless network connection capabilities, allowing you to print documents and photographs even from mobile devices such as smartphones. This printer boasts of outstanding features and ships with a mammoth 256MB of installed memory, allows you to install up to 415MB of additional memory modules, and has a printing capability of 19 pages per minute. Its two paper trays hold 350 sheets of paper. Boasting of a monthly print cycle of 40,000 pages, this beauty is compatible with all operating systems, and provides the cheapest cost per printed page.

Post warranty repairing

All laser printers ship with a one-year warranty. Getting it serviced by the original equipment manufacturers after this period can prove costly and time consuming too. It is better to hand over the job to Printer Repair Surrey who have the best prices in town and the most qualified technicians to make your repair quick and painless.